Kinematic Analyses of Parkour Landings From as High as 2.7 Meters

PREFACE: In 2016, we partnered with the Division of Kinesiology and Health at the University of Wyoming to deconstruct various parkour landing techniques. The study was just published by the Journal of Human Kinetics—and with free/open access for all! In this study, landing forces and techniques by 20 parkour coaches and athletes from various Apex School of … Read more

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Biomechanics of Parkour: The Vertical Wall Run Technique

PREFACE: In 2015, we partnered with the biomechanics lab at the University of Colorado at Boulder to deconstruct the vertical wall run technique. Wall runs by 20 parkour coaches and athletes from various APEX schools were analyzed using wall-mounted force plates and high-speed cameras set up at APEX Boulder. Special thanks to Amos Rendao, Dr. Rodger Kram, Peter Lawson, Bryant Pham, and all the APEX athletes and coaches who took part in the study. — Ryan Ford

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