Soft vs. Hard Landings

Depending on the context of a drop to bilateral landing, as well as your training goals/intentions, you may want to stay stiffer/taller when you land, in order to more quickly decelerate & change direction. This is known as a drop to hard landing (aka hard depth drop in plyometrics training). Alternatively, you may want to … Read more

The Achilles Tear in Parkour: A Pattern Observed, Solutions Offered

The Achilles tear is a devastating injury, and although it is not common in parkour at the moment, we may see this pattern accelerate due to factors such as a growing demographic of older practitioners and the Achilles put under more and more tension in complex positions as advanced practitioners push human limits. We’ve taken notice of this injury showing up worldwide and have created solutions for mitigating it in our own coaching practices and curriculum.

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