Parkour Speed Competition, Case Study #1

adsfjklandsf adsfjadslf dsf Overall men * 1) Seth Wang, 31 pts. (Apex Louisville) 2) Michael Sliger, 28 pts. (Apex Louisville) 3) Jared Nahulu, 26 pts. (Apex Denver) Overall women * 1) Kasia Kilijanek, 19 pts. (Apex Denver) 2) Taylor Carpenter, 16 pts. (Apex Fort Collins) 3) Mikaila Quinn, 15 pts. (Move to Inspire) * Overall … Read more

Soft vs. Hard Landings

In my book Parkour Strength Training, I go into detail about the differences between the hard and soft landing techniques (AKA depth drop when used as a strength training exercise). Without going into a long explanation, know that depending on the circumstances of a drop (and your training goals), you may want to stay stiffer and taller in order to rebound quickly (hard landing) or you may want to absorb more deeply and silently (soft landing).

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