Parkour Speed Competition, Case Study #1

adsfjklandsf adsfjadslf dsf Overall men * 1) Seth Wang, 31 pts. (Apex Louisville) 2) Michael Sliger, 28 pts. (Apex Louisville) 3) Jared Nahulu, 26 pts. (Apex Denver) Overall women * 1) Kasia Kilijanek, 19 pts. (Apex Denver) 2) Taylor Carpenter, 16 pts. (Apex Fort Collins) 3) Mikaila Quinn, 15 pts. (Move to Inspire) * Overall … Read more

Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises for Intermediate Parkour Athletes

In parkour, athletes learn to turn the world into a playground. But they should also learn to use common objects like trees, rails, benches, and walls as exercise equipment. Even though I recommend some basic weightlifting for intermediate and advanced athletes, you can still get a great workout by doing only bodyweight exercises. In this article, I have compiled a list of my top 10 bodyweight exercises for intermediate level parkour practitioners. Looking for even more on the subject? Check out my book, Parkour Strength Training.

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