Parkour Speed Competition, Case Study #1

adsfjklandsf adsfjadslf dsf Overall men * 1) Seth Wang, 31 pts. (Apex Louisville) 2) Michael Sliger, 28 pts. (Apex Louisville) 3) Jared Nahulu, 26 pts. (Apex Denver) Overall women * 1) Kasia Kilijanek, 19 pts. (Apex Denver) 2) Taylor Carpenter, 16 pts. (Apex Fort Collins) 3) Mikaila Quinn, 15 pts. (Move to Inspire) * Overall … Read more

Parkour Strength Training for Beginners

If parkour reinvents the world into a playground, parkour strength training reimagines benches, tree trunks, and scaffolding into novel yet useful training tools to maintain and upgrade your physical performance. Improving deceptively basic skills such as crawling, jumping, vaulting, and climbing will greatly improve your potential to face and overcome future challenges of the physical, technical, and mental … Read more