Trapezoidal Vault Box Construction Manual

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This manual should give you everything you’ll need to build a sturdy vault box of almost any size.

To help illustrate the instructions, this manual will refer to and make calculations for a 3 ½’ or 42” high vault box. 42” because we have found this height to be one of the most versatile and useful box heights in our gym. It is also an ideal height for many parkour practitioners to practice high power vaults. NOTE: More advanced or taller practitioners may prefer a taller wall, perhaps 4’ or higher. Likewise, shorter or less experienced practitioners often prefer a wall closer to 3’ tall. You can cater to your student base but eventually, you will want many walls of varying height to give yourself or your students the widest range of progression and variety of applicable techniques.

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* Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a PDF download link that is good for 30 days & 3 downloads.

Length: 40 pages

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