The Art of Falling: Obstacles & Complex Fall Zones

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Falling scenarios are rarely so simple as taking place on a flat, soft surface. Especially in parkour training, trail running, falling with gear on, martial arts outside of the dojo, etc., we constantly have to adapt to complicated fall zones. Some examples include:

  • a hand rail underneath you as your toes or heels slip out on a precision landing or other movement,
  • objects are in your fall zone or you’re wearing gear you can’t roll with,
  • undershooting a scary dive kong or your biggest running jump, 
  • falling into vertical surfaces like walls and trees
  • falling over waist high obstacles in various orientations
  • or even controlling your descent in a fall from intermediate to advanced heights

I’ve been studying and teaching this material all over the world for over a decade now, and I am more than excited to finally package it all into a step by step online course that anyone can access and do at their own pace.

In this course you will learn falling techniques like precision slip outs, falling from intermediate to advanced heights, peel out continuums, falling into and against obstacles, how to balance at a challenging height with confidence, falling over waist high obstacles, and much more. Additionally, you’ll integrate these techniques into drills and challenges that will simulate real falling scenarios and build the sharp reactions necessary for the real falls that await you in the future.

Experience faster progression, less fear, fewer injuries, lighter training vibe, and transfer these principles to your own students or coaches.

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