Parkour Strength Training Book

Parkour Strength Training Book


In Parkour Strength Training, you will learn how to:

• Accelerate your athletic development with three fundamental bodyweight exercises
• Promote the flexibility and mobility necessary for safe obstacle-based fitness
• Prepare and condition your joints to avoid injuries
• Train safely outdoors
• Remedy the common faults and errors that plague parkour newcomers
• Incorporate ground-based exercises, such as quadrupedal movement, bounding, and jumping into your workouts
• Use low obstacles such as benches, handrails, and walls for full-body strength training
• Fly over barriers using three basic vaults
• Mount, traverse, and overcome head-high walls and bar structures
• Master proper climb-up technique using many supplemental exercises
• Design an effective strength training program
• Combine skill-based drills and games to become a more well-rounded practitioner
• Dominate obstacle courses

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Editorial Reviews

“With this at your fingertips there are no more excuses to not train and succeed in parkour. Parkour Strength Training is a long overdue guide and training companion for anyone interested in getting stronger and moving better.”
– Julie Angel, Ph.D., Author of Breaking the Jump

“This book is packed full of great information for the beginner all the way to the Ninja Warrior elite!”
– Brian Arnold, Five-time Finalist on American Ninja Warrior

“Everything you need to take your body and parkour to the next level!”
– Ryan C. Hurst, Program Director of GMB Fitness (

About the Author

Ryan Ford is an athlete, coach, author, and entrepreneur. He is flabbergasted and grateful to have become a scholar in the art of urban obstacle touching. Ryan’s parkour journey began in 2004 in his hometown, Golden, Colorado. In 2006, Ryan established the first formal parkour classes in the Western Hemisphere while also becoming one of the first professional parkour athletes in North America. He has performed and coached worldwide for various organizations including the New Yorker, TEDx, ESPN, and the U.S. Embassy. In 2009, Ryan earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder while also opening his first parkour gym, APEX Movement in Denver. Since then, APEX Movement has grown to five locations with more on the way. After establishing APEX, Ryan founded ParkourEDU which is a coaching certification and online platform dedicated to teaching the best parkour methods.

Through his various ventures, Ryan has taught parkour to tens of thousands of people, including coaches, athletes, elite military forces, underprivileged youth, and seniors. Although Ryan’s specialty is parkour, he regularly cross-trains in weightlifting, bouldering, and acrobatics and he is a two-time competitor on the show American Ninja Warrior. Additionally, he loves to continue his movement education through certifications and extensive research in areas such as corrective exercise, CrossFit, pole fitness, hand balancing, plyometrics, and barefoot running. One of Ryan’s goals in life is to inspire others to also touch as many different obstacles as possible.

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