Full Day Seminar

The ParkourEDU Seminar

What Is It?

An action-packed, 8 hour introduction to the fundamental movements and concepts of the ParkourEDU method.


  • Early bird: $199 (until 14 days before)
  • Full price: $249 (within 14 days)

Learn How To

  • Improve bodyweight strength & mobility
  • Move quadrupedally
  • Prevent falling related injuries
  • Balance the body & mind
  • Master jumping & landing mechanics
  • Use vaults to navigate low obstacles
  • Ascend & descend high obstacles
  • Dominate obstacle courses
  • Play, flow, explore, & improvise
  • And much more!

Who Should Attend?


This seminar is designed for adults (18+) with little to no experience with parkour. Obstacle course racers, CrossFitters, martial artists, and many other types of athletes will gain valuable movement skills to apply to their own practice.


Trainers will learn a comprehensive system of concepts of movements with many real-life applications. Additionally, the ParkourEDU method offers invaluable cross-training potential for athletes and clients of all types.

Taught By

Ryan Ford

Amos Rendao

"I came without any expectation today and ParkourEDU was more than amazing. I’m so excited to come back and master all the basic parkour skills"
Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet
2014 CrossFit Games Champion

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Custom Seminar

Looking for a custom parkour seminar designed for your unique group? We have special curriculum for military, law enforcement, kids, seniors, & more.

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