Coaching Certification

Coaching Certification


Our level 1 coaching certification is primarily designed and led by co-founders Ryan Ford and Amos Rendao. Since 2004, we’ve traveled the world, studying parkour with many prominent and diverse parkour communities. It’s our goal to not only improve our own skills, but to also find better training methods for all. To better understand all styles of human movement, we also work with educators and researchers in other fields such as biomechanics, physical therapy, chiropractic, martial arts, and strength training. Through this journey, we’ve learned that sustainable, effective parkour training is practiced by few and coached by fewer.

Many of our coaches are at the forefront of developing high quality and innovative parkour training methods through projects such as Amos’ Parkour Ukemi & Parkour Randori, as well as Ryan’s Parkour Strength Training. We’ve also helped develop many world-class athletes who have been featured in movies, performed for Cirque du Soleil, and won international parkour competitions. Some of these athletes and artists include Brandon DouglassRenae Dambly, Kristine DietrichRob SchihlPaul KasemirDylan BakerErica MadridMason FleetJustin ClarkJesse ClarkBrian ArnoldDante Grazioli, and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.

During this certification, you will experience the basic skills of parkour in both lab and lecture environments. Through hands-on participation, you will learn to refine your own technique, as well as how to coach other people. Through classroom discussion, you will learn the science behind the movement and how to run a successful parkour program. Through drills, mock lessons, and practical application, you will learn to coach diverse human movement. Throughout the certification, we will challenge the status quo of health and fitness and discover the natural laws that affect the ways in which we move. The certification was designed to provide parkour coaches with the necessary knowledge and experience to maintain the true spirit of parkour and teach beginning practitioners safely and effectively. Only those who pass the written and practical tests at the end will earn the title of “ParkourEDU Level 1 Certified Coach.”

To recap, you will learn:

  • Parkour philosophy & history
  • Safe & sustainable training
  • Coaching principles
  • Movement science
  • Parkour skills & progressions
  • Running a successful parkour program


To register and participate in the ParkourEDU Level 1 Coaching Certification, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • 18 yrs. old
  • Minimum 1 yr. of parkour experience and competency of the fundamentals (basic quadrupedal movement, rolls, balancing, vaults, etc.)
  • Some experience in coaching parkour or similar movement practices
  • Complete our online application
  • Receive, via email, confirmation and approval of your application
  • To save your spot, full payment must be made no later than 14 days before the event

To earn your certificate of completion, you must:

  • Participate in the full event
  • Demonstrate competency at basic parkour movements during the event
  • Pass the written test at the end of the event (80% grade or higher)
  • Pass the practical coaching tests after the event (via video submissions or live evaluation)

Additional Benefits

Upon completion of our LVL 1 certification, you will also receive:

  • Job opportunities within the ParkourEDU network
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group for certified coaches
  • Follows, reposts, & other features on our website and social networks
  • Tips on finding insurance coverage
  • A Certificate of Completion recognizing you as a ParkourEDU LVL 1 certified coach capable of: 1.) Teaching the basic movements and spirit of parkour 2.) Leading group parkour classes in a controlled, familiar environment for beginners (less than 6 months training)


  • Early bird: $650 (until 3 weeks before)
  • Full price: $750 (within 3 weeks)
  • Each purchase includes 1 copy of our PK100S training program ($220 value)
  • No refunds. All sales are final but you can transfer your spot to someone else.

Who Should Attend?

Parkour Athletes & Coaches

This certification is designed for parkour athletes who wish to take their own practice, as well as their coaching skills, to the next level.

Fitness Professionals

Coaches and personal trainers of all backgrounds will learn a comprehensive system of concepts of movements with many real-life applications. Additionally, the ParkourEDU method offers invaluable cross-training potential for athletes and clients of all types.

Taught By

Ryan Ford

Amos Rendao

"The dedicated focus that Ryan & Amos have put into their certification gives the participant in-depth knowledge of parkour starting from the history and going into the physics of movements. I felt like I was back in college and enjoyed the detailed information."
Paul Darnell
Founder of Tempest Freerunning Academy

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