Movement art meets science. Learn how to do and teach parkour from some of the top parkour coaches in the world.

Coaching Certification


Take an action-packed, full day intro to the fundamental movements and concepts of the ParkourEDU method.

Full Day Seminar

Study special movement concepts such as parkour strength training, parkour ukemi, or overcoming fear.

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“I came without any expectation today and ParkourEDU was more than amazing. I’m so excited to come back and master all the basic parkour skills.”
author-img - Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet
2014 CrossFit Games Champion
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Custom Seminar

Looking for a custom parkour seminar designed for your unique group? We have special curriculum for military, law enforcement, kids, seniors, & more.

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“The dedicated focus that Ryan & Amos have put into their certification gives the participant in-depth knowledge of parkour starting from the history and going into the physics of movements. I felt like I was back and college and enjoyed the detailed information.”
author-img - Paul Darnell
Founder of Tempest Freerunning Academy