Training Programs

Training Programs

Parkour 100 Series

The Parkour 100 Series (PK100S) is a comprehensive parkour training program for beginners who want to learn parkour in a safe and highly effective way. This program doubles as a thorough intro level parkour curriculum for leaders & educators who want to study or incorporate our training methods into formal classes at schools and gyms, or into playful group training with friends and family.

The PK100S, which includes PK101 & PK102, is a comprehensive online training program that covers the fundamental skills, concepts, and mindsets you need to start your parkour journey in a safe, effective way.

Designed to progress from class to class, Parkour 101 (PK101) teaches the fundamentals of parkour, promotes better strength and mobility, and emphasizes the relationship between the two.

With the intent to build upon the PK101 curriculum, Parkour 102 (PK102) teaches the remaining fundamentals of parkour, promotes better strength and mobility, and emphasizes the relationship between the two.

Get Up / Get Down Bundle

The Get Up / Get Down Bundle includes Climb-Up Blueprint by Ryan Ford and The Art of Falling: Fundamentals by Amos Galileo Rendao. These comprehensive training programs cover two of the most universally useful parkour skills, the ability to quickly get up and over walls as well as the skill to land, roll, and fall safely.

As one of parkour’s most unique and utilitarian movements, the Climb-Up Blueprint is perfect for anyone interested in functional, obstacle-based training. Extremely relevant to real-world situations, it is a wicked demonstration of both power and agility. With proper training and attention to detail, the climb-up is your key to the urban jungle.

The Art of Falling: Fundamentals covers fundamental falling techniques so that you can react to the most common falling scenarios in your sport, discipline, or life in general. It promotes faster progression towards your movement goals, decreases fear, mitigates your risk of injury, lightens the vibe during training, and ensures better results for coaches and businesses involved in sport or movement arts.

With the way you make your courses, I have the feeling you don’t just want money like the feeling I got in other people’s “courses”. You want to make something good and to really help people get better and safer in parkour and you manage to achieve that goal.

Luca, Germany

I absolutely love the course! I’ve been training Parkour for almost 8 years and have been coaching for a bit over 5 years. All these past years I didn’t come across a practice or curriculum that was as refined, beginner friendly, and comprehensible as Parkour 101.

Aaron, Singapore

Been coaching for 3 years and training for six over in NZ. Took up this course to learn new things to improve as a practitioner and to look for more ways to communicate ideas.

Rhett, New Zealand

I don’t think I have done an army crawl in my life but I love the feeling that I am doing something I have never done.

Suzanne, USA

I live about 2 hours away from the nearest parkour gym so I’m looking forward to having something to work with between visits. I’m going to be the “weird lady” at the park rolling around in the grass. 😉

Christine, USA

I’ve been bouldering regularly for almost 1 year now and I know I’m going to have a blast weaving these two sports together and enhancing them both with a more specialized strength training curriculum.

Sita, USA