The Art of Falling: Obstacles & Complex Fall Zones (PREORDER)

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*** In order to guarantee the highest quality experience, we only have 175 spots available for the first round of students, after which preorder will close (last year this happened in a little over two weeks). Preorder students gain exclusive, first access to the initial course launch along with this special, low price. Expect initial course launch in less than 3 months.

Falling scenarios are rarely so simple as taking place on a flat, soft surface. Especially in parkour training, trail running, falling with gear on, martial arts outside of the dojo, etc., we constantly have to adapt to complicated fall zones. Some examples include:

  • a hand rail underneath you as your toes or heels slip out on a precision landing or other movement,
  • objects are in your fall zone or you’re wearing gear you can’t roll with,
  • undershooting a scary dive kong or your biggest running jump, 
  • falling into vertical surfaces like walls and trees
  • falling over waist high obstacles in various orientations
  • or even controlling your descent in a fall from intermediate to advanced heights

I’ve been studying and teaching this material all over the world for over a decade now, and I am more than excited to finally package it all into a step by step online course that anyone can access and do at their own pace.

In this course you will learn falling techniques like precision slip outs, falling from intermediate to advanced heights, peel out continuums, falling into and against walls, how to balance at a challenging height with confidence, falling over waist high obstacles, and much more. Additionally, you’ll integrate these techniques into drills and challenges that will simulate real falling scenarios and build the sharp reactions necessary for the real falls that await you in the future.

Experience faster progression, less fear, fewer injuries, lighter training vibe, and transfer these principles to your own students or coaches. 


Your coach: Amos Galileo Rendao

Cofounder | owner | GM | head coach :: APEX School of Movement Headquarters
Cofounder :: ParkourEDU
Creator :: Parkour Ukemi & Parkour Randori
Cofounder | board member :: United States Parkour Association

Amos has been studying martial arts, parkour, dance, and falling since 2004, and has been developing this world-renowned curriculum since 2008. Using APEX School of Movement as his regular laboratory and home base, he’s also taught this curriculum through workshops around the globe in communities including trail running, climbing, pole fitness, tricking, parkour, dance, movement culture, martial arts, stunts, and so on.

What is included in the program?

  • New HD video lectures, tutorials, and other resources to teach you safe & effective training methods
  • PDF guides full of lesson plans, programming schedules, & other tools to aid your training
  • Quizzes to assess your understanding of key concepts
  • Slow-mo film analysis of real-life falls to enhance your understanding of course principles
  • Short recap videos as reference tools
  • Interactive video challenges
  • Lifetime updates to the ever-evolving curriculum & knowledge base
  • Direct access to Amos and other ParkourEDU coaches via a private Facebook group
  • 30-day money back guarantee (full refund policy)

Benefits of completing the course:

  • A deeper relationship with obstacles that will give you options no matter what your unexpected trajectory
  • Steps taken towards becoming invincible & fearless with falling skills that can be used across a wide array of complex falling scenarios involving obstacles
  • The ability to prevent injuries by learning to safely fall in the real world with all its hard surfaces and uneven shapes
  • The capacity to blaze through progressions without the long hesitations caused by fear and gaps in your understanding of how to fall
  • An understanding of how falling continuums seamlessly link to each other even when obstacles are in the fall zone
  • A lightened attitude towards falling or failing
  • Sharp reactions through drills and other simulations of realistic falling scenarios

Who is it for?

  • Movers/athletes of all ability levels
  • People who want to avoid common fall injuries like wrist and ankle sprains, broken collar bones, concussions, broken arms, tears in the ligaments of the knee, and many other moderate to severe injuries
  • Coaches who want to learn how to integrate falling techniques into their curriculum and protect students/athletes from injury setbacks.
  • Serious athletes who want to fall safer and more efficiently in order to be back on their feet and ready to keep pushing towards their goals rather than spending the next few months with an injury
  • Business owners who need an additional training system for their employees in order to mitigate injuries
  • Important: This curriculum is not designed with elderly falling techniques. Keep an eye out for future courses that will address this vein of study.

What do I need?

  • A mobile device or computer with Internet access
  • A body without any limiting injuries or dysfunctions. Please check with your doctor before beginning this course!
  • Access to soft surfaces like grass, sand at the park, playground rubber, and obstacles like hand rails, waist high walls, sturdy tree branches (lots of obstacles you would find at parks, in nature, in your backyard, or across urban landscapes).
  • The drive to improve your body’s reactions to the many variations of falls that WILL happen throughout the rest of your life


Dealing with short obstacles in the fall zone (or falling while wearing gear)


Precision landing slip outs on walls and rails


Peel outs from swinging (off bars, branches, etc.)


Falling at intermediate to advanced heights (controlling descent techniques / essential ukemi for advanced practitioners)