The Science of Movement: Logic As a Reflection of God, Parkour As an Act of Praise

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Written by Amos Galileo Rendao
Original on November 4, 2010, Revised April 16, 2017

As parkour practitioners, we often interact with clear cut concepts and objects, like concrete walls, basic physics, trees, point A and B, but have you ever asked yourself, “Is this wall real?” “Am I actually climbing this tree in reality, or is this all a dream?” There have been times when I’ve questioned whether or not I’m awake after accomplishing a physical feat that I recently thought impossible, and rightfully so, because I have in the past awakened after such an experience.

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Soft vs. Hard Landings

In my book Parkour Strength Training, I go into detail about the differences between the hard and soft landing techniques (AKA depth drop when used as a strength training exercise). Without going into a long explanation, know that depending on the circumstances of a drop (and your training goals), you may want to stay stiffer and taller in order to rebound quickly (hard landing) or you may want to absorb more deeply and silently (soft landing).

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5 Ways to Support Female Parkour Athletes

I want you to imagine for a moment walking into a gym full of large, muscular women. They are a little bigger and stronger than you and are also insanely talented at parkour. They can do things that push your previous conception of what humans are physically capable of. You are just starting out in parkour and can only do things at a fraction of the scale they are capable of and with far less confidence. The women are trying to help you learn but offer so much advice that you can hardly think straight. When you approach to join, it feels like you are in their way. Is this level of skill even possible? Where did these super-humans come from?! Is there a special laboratory or something…is Oscorp real?!

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